Edgy Seidr work

In an attempt to take my seidr work beyond its current limits I have integrated technology. Gone is the shamanic tribal drumming and in its place I have began using a brainwave stimulation programme that produces a series of alpha, beta, and theta waves according to the desired effect. I overlay these with an ambient track for an intense journey.

Admittedly, using Sunn 0)))’s Black One album as backing was either brave or stupid. The soundtrack to the end of the manifest realm is slightly disturbing at first when utilised in this means. I have never been afraid during a seidr journey before. Seeing entities in a state of decay and receiving the explanation that they are dissolving into the new year and the remanifestation that is due was extremely symbolic yet unnerving.

Will I use the album again? Yes of course. Will to power shall overcome. Only through facing the darkness will we illuminate and understand it.

Check out Sunn 0)))


4 thoughts on “Edgy Seidr work

  1. I’ve tried using brainwave stimulation before (way before I became Heathen and got an interest in Seidr) but for some reason, it put me on edge. I was listening to one of those Youtube videos and it was meant to relax me, but instead, it induced a panic attack! It was terrible. As far as Sunn O))), I have checked out their stuff before, but haven’t used their albums as a way of achieving a trance state. I’ve only used Wardruna. I’ll definitely give them a try as your experience is intriguing, yet disturbing! Haha. May your future journeys be as intense as this one (in a good way)!

  2. I have also used Wardruna for this practice. I find their stuff excellent, especially if entering an operative meditation state whereby I can employ use of their music in conjunction with a galdr exercise to achieve the desired result.

    For the brainwave stimulation, I downloaded the Brainwave app from iTunes and use it on my iPad to combine with music. Having had previously amazing experiences with it and a shamanic drumming track, then the effect of Sunn 0))) was surprising. I’ll admit that I was seeking some darker Alfar wights- the combination of destination and music may have conspired to create a very dark and disturbing image.

  3. I can imagine!! Funny that I am just now seeing your reply. I decided to give them a listen and thought of your post!! The brainwave app, is it free? I have iTunes on my laptop, so can I use it on there?

    1. I’ve never looked to see if there is a computer version. The app is not free but is very cheap. I purchased the package with a variety of programmed waves for induced mental states on my iPad. It is probably the best app I have other than Word.

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