Thoughtform Theory and Its Innate Limitations

An interesting post on a topic very close to my own beliefs and views. Although I do adhere to the gods as being archetypes, I view these as being the precursive character traits in a similar manner to those of Vladimir Propp — the archetypes are the forms of which our own psychological essence is composed and mixed. To know your own dominant archetype is to find your god. I have a theory which expands this even further along a Hegellian/Cartesian/Jungian/Nietzschean thought process. That theory is not for the internet and the plebeian. Check out this original post and the interesting blog.

The Luciferian Revolution

I didn’t expect to making this particular post, but something has been nagging at me to discuss for awhile, and I think it bears bringing up. However, before I launch into it, I would first like to say I hope everyone had a good Winter Solstice. My on solstice was a personal and introspective one, and I got a lot of of it. Hope others did also. With that said, I’d like to move into the next topic.

This topic is the occult belief, and its modern interpretation, surrounding thought forms and through them, eggregores. For those who are not familiar with these terms, I will give a brief and very shallow overview of them below.

The idea of thoughtform originates from Tibet, from Buddhist belief. A thoughtform or ‘Tulpas’ as they are known are described as a being, object or some other such form that is created through the…

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Subconscious breaking free

As one who does not dream often, or rarely recalls them, then last night was unusual. A dream of golden halls, a priest espousing Martin Luther, a strange church with elements of pagan deities, and a raven on a chain.

The symbolism of this dream is clear for myself. There are many references to which I can credit my subconscious. The raven calling for freedom from its chain will be set free. The priest praising Luther signifies a change, a reformation within the golden halls of the church. That church is my place of work.

The raven flexes it’s wings in preparation.

Interview : Maciej Goraczko

Stunning work and a great interview- check it out!


407347_173376562770488_1085216435_nThe first time I laid eyes on the work of Polish photographer Maciej Goraczko my reaction was purely physical. I felt my stomach lurch and my heart thump like a tribal drum beat. I had to look away for a minute or two, then go back to scrolling and viewing one damnable image after another. That’s what happens when I encounter the work of an artist who satisfies my obscure addiction to fear. Even before I had finished looking through his photography, I had decided that I needed to understand his motivation and inspiration.

What motivates you to create photography and share it with the world?
First of all it’s always fun to attack and profane some sort of order. I think that beauty, fashion, glamour photography, and the whole reality surrounding it is repulsive, so I create something deformed on that foundation. Something stripped of humanity, bleak, without a…

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My great work

About six months ago I had a realisation during a mediation.  What occurred to me has been so profoundly altering to all aspects of my being.  My theistic, philosophical, ethical, and scientific views of the world shifted.  I have conversed with only two persons with regards to this idea. There are pre-existing works that allude to similar ideas within the works of Nietzsche, Jung, Hegel and others.  Upon its completion, this work will bring about a remanifestation of my being.  The work has no empirical basis and will only shift the perceptions of those it is intended to do so for.  I will likely publish the work in some 2-3 years time as I have three other major pieces to complete prior to the completion of the study and research before the great work can be written.  I write with a passion that allows the words to flow forth once I have decided to write.  The work will come as it should whence it is ready to do so.  The prior works will be philosophical pieces centred around my ideas, another around the Elder Futhark, and the major piece concerns the Allfather.

The overall goals of my life remain — to become all that I can be, the alchemical pursuit.  I continue to shift and define my own views, ethics, philosophy, psychology, and magical techniques in accordance with my mental evolution.

2015 is my year and I am about to begin realising my manifest will upon my perceived world.

the power of the mind

Fear not- this post is not a mammoth article. The larger article around this topic will be reserved for a future published work. I reserve these blog articles for shorter forms of exegesis only.

Whilst engaging in a shamanic journey last night, I altered my astral body for the first time. Shifting the astral form of my manifestation to altered scales of size and directly manipulating the perceived realms material through application of the will ties directly with my goals of development. I believe that with sufficient development of the will, an increased electrical boost aside, then we can transfer our thoughts to other matter. Yes, a form of telekinesis. As our brands transpose the will of our mind into electrical signals and computations directing the ultra-complex motions of our bodies, then given the absolute atomical building blocks of the manifest universe there is no reason that this transposition of will can not be affected upon atoms outside of our bodies. Only the power increase required is to be realised.

On a smaller scale, our minds directly shape our experience of the manifest. The brain is a super computer that only receives data. It is our minds that interpret this data as sustenance, danger, pleasure or pain. Through our conscious will, we have the ability to alter our perception of any experience. Thus, pain can become pleasure. Danger can become opportunity. Disasters can become opportunities.

Alter your perception and become.

Proximity to history

I have just checked in at my hotel for the night. I hate and despise staying hotels. I dislike travel and will pretty much refuse to fly. Tonight’s hotel at least has one redeeming feature- its proximity to history.

Here in Holburn, I find myself across the road from the legendary Atlantis bookshop, the British museum, and the British library. Whilst the Atlantis bookshop has never held much reverence for myself, the other two do.

The Atlantis bookshop is certainly old and has had some truly magi through its doors over the years. For those that keep note of these things, I do not count Gerald Gardner amongst these. I have never found the store to be that alluring or offer a vast selection. Other stores nearby do however.

Both the museum and library are however home to some historic articles, items, and texts. Tonight, upon my return to the room, I will perform a shamanic journey into the secret vaults of these institutions. Who knows what wights and past masters I will find lingering around these places. I can surely not miss this opportunity to tap into psychic energy and remnants of past magi being so very, very close by.

Edgy Seidr work

In an attempt to take my seidr work beyond its current limits I have integrated technology. Gone is the shamanic tribal drumming and in its place I have began using a brainwave stimulation programme that produces a series of alpha, beta, and theta waves according to the desired effect. I overlay these with an ambient track for an intense journey.

Admittedly, using Sunn 0)))’s Black One album as backing was either brave or stupid. The soundtrack to the end of the manifest realm is slightly disturbing at first when utilised in this means. I have never been afraid during a seidr journey before. Seeing entities in a state of decay and receiving the explanation that they are dissolving into the new year and the remanifestation that is due was extremely symbolic yet unnerving.

Will I use the album again? Yes of course. Will to power shall overcome. Only through facing the darkness will we illuminate and understand it.

Check out Sunn 0)))