Giving thanks…

Christmas Eve…

Today I am thankful for Jesus Christ. An odd statement from one who’s approach is a combination of theistic-Satanism and Heathenry. I am thankful for the person that was Jesus Christ and his philosophy. The subsequent formation of Christianity as a faith loosely based upon some of his teachings engendered the Christian within our society. As the dominant faith here in England, social ethics are largely dictated by the beliefs of Christians. It is these Christians that have mandated a society of religious tolerance here in England.

Yes, a Christian can be racist or embark upon religious hate crimes as much as anyone else can — we currently see enough of this in the U.S. and the Christian churches have their own problems of child abuse. I however remain thankful that the dominant Christian morality has formed a society whose ethical stance is one of religious freedom. I am able to be open with my beliefs, practice, and write about them without fear of a secret police service bursting through the front door to practice some form of theistic correction.

Although your church may be the antithesis of what you sought to achieve, you have spawned followers who allow me greater freedom of belief than your follow Jews allowed yourself. For this — I thank the man that was Jesus Christ.

Now…where is my goat?



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