Energy burst

I find myself embracing a burst of energy. Last night I re-read Peter Carroll’s Liber Kaos. Having taken much more from the work during this second reading, I have placed it upon my collection shelves alongside Liber Null & Psychonomicon. 

Tonight, at the start of a short seasonal break I have picked up Michael Kelly’s Dragonscales. As one who will openly admit to being a huge fan of his work in Apophis, Aegishjalmur , and especially the ideology within Draconian Consciousness— then I find myself somewhat disappointed by the shorter essay form approach in this work. I found some value in his Words of Power text. At the halfway mark then I am struggling to find a value to the Dragonscales offering. As a guide– I judge the worth of books by how many notes I make in the margins and where I have turned down pages to identify key resonances with my own philosophy.Kelly’s work is generally held in the highest by myself. This essay form work will not make it onto my special items shelf and will be resigned to the standard magical texts shelf.

Tomorrow will be special, although not for it being Christmas Eve. I will embrace the ability to perform a detailed working upon a Wednesday night and into Thursday morning without having to be in work the next day. Sounds petty I’m sure– try rising at 4am everyday to get a train! Wednesday are obviously Odin’s day. I will converse with the entity (or archetype) of Wodannaz during the meditative stage of the working. As you may be aware, I worship only myself and work with the All-father as an exemplary model of becoming, a key archetype of the potential that is embodied within myself. Having had some significant manifestation of my desires that were the focal point of recent workings, then this will be a simple process of identification for future learnings.






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