Yule time turning

Yule is upon us. The darkness envelopes me like a comforting blanket or the arms of a lover. Within the darkness lays limitless potential. Light happens, darkness is eternal. As Jung discussed, it is within the darkness that we find the things we do not yet know. To illuminate and know the darkness is the true task of philosophy.

Odd numbered years under the common system are typically more beneficial for my family and myself. In the past we have purchased our own home, married and seen the birth of our daughter in odd years. Even years are generally a mixed harvest. 2014 has been a year of becoming. There has been dissolution on an unprecedented scale. My work environment has changed. My mother passed in May. I have ceased work with local pagan groups. Through the process of a spiritual death, destruction and analysis of the soul– there comes a remanifestation. Thanks to the venom of the dragon Nidhogg I have seen my life torn apart. It is as a direct result of this that I have realised the value of all things. My wife and daughter matter most. I will defend them with my essence. Philosophy has become the clear goal — to illuminate the darkness and find answers that lead to the truth. I must question all things. My will has been solidified. I value myself and realise the potential that now has been awakened within. The cranial exhaust is running hot as I turn to ever increasingly difficult subjects. No more will I conform to playing the role that others seek me to do so for their own benefit. Like the Jungian riverbed, the water has began to flow and once more the mighty flow of my mind will dominate and rise above my environment. As does the water, I will weave the path of least resistance. I will erode the obstacle before me. The fire that burns within is the mighty forge flame on which I remake myself.

As the lyrics of Grand Magus state:

At last there’s a reason to believe
To rise from the depths of misery
My heart clad in iron
My soul clad in steel
The triumph and power achieved

2014 is the year of death.

2015 is the year of rebirth. With a new role at work, a new goal in pursuit of my own potential and a master plan for the family — it is now that I know what the coming year holds. There are plans of which I cannot speak. There exist goals of which I cannot speak. There is also much that I have yet to realise and come to know. I have made the oath and set forth my wyrd for the coming year. My goal is clear. 2015 is the year to arise as per the occult symbolism of the phoenix. I will crush, devour and burn all those that stand in my way as if Napoleon himself had been invoked within me. I have dwelt within the darkness and it has become illuminated for me in the light of my own black flame. I am not the being many perceive. Some see more than others. Very few see the whole. The wheels have already been began to revolve. By October, 2015 nothing shall be the same.

Through knowledge, true knowledge that is, we may come to see the very patterns that underly the manifestation of the universe. I see the flow of wyrd before me and know that I can shape my own path within the pattern of the Norn in accordance with their overall work. Such constructive flow ensures that my own path meets little resistance from that of others. Manipulation of the currents of being is thus enabled. Through the control of chaos, I may manifest the occurrence of events and matter in accordance with my will. Is such not the true goal of the conscious mind? Did the Allfather not ascend to the throne through the assertion of his will to control the chaos? Through ordering the chaos then we can control that which manifests and thus predict the future in accordance with the patterns laid down in the past. Nietzsche’s theory of the eternal recurrence dictates that I am likely to have existed and to do so again. Such materialisation of being also increases the potential that this is not the first time I have proceeded to walk the path that I have now placed before me.

Ask yourself what is your pattern? What do you see from the events of your life that dictates a pattern before you? Once you can identify the pattern —  you can predict and influence it. Through your influence, you take control and become the primum movens.

Does this post matter to you, the reader? To be honest I do not care. In the form of making an oath into the web of wyrd for 2015, I cast forth this form as an oath into the web of the internet. This post is merely a statement of intent. You may or may not realise the impact and changes that I am about to bring upon the world and you may witness them in some form. Though they are not at the level of the Red Magus. I truly now will emerge as a Black Magus.

I am coming.


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