A game?

What if life is just a game?

We know no rules and have no idea what the objective is. We may be as clueless as a contestant in the Hunger Games, Battle Royale, or a destruction derby. In truth, they at least have some idea of a goal — to win by surviving!

Is that the purpose of life — to get out alive? How do we achieve this defiance of death? Perhaps the key is in escaping the cycle of life and death that occurs with reincarnation. If the choice after this life is to return to this world through reincarnation or to stay dead then this is surely the mark of failure. To ascend to a higher state — that breaks the cycle of failure or resignation. Mythology suggests that heroic deeds and spiritual development are keys to this ascension. Great war heroes and minds hold the key — hence their has been no remanifestation of Louis XIV or Napoleon.

Heroes and those that conquer ascend to Asgard in my beliefs. Other religions have similar views, especially within warrior cultures. It may be that where the mastery of the will is sufficient that the natural instinct for self-preservation is overcome — then man can ascend. This mastery of will allows the heroic ideal to manifest. To act without fear. To put ones live on the line. To challenge the status quo and defy society. Mastery over oneself allows great actions. Is that the key?


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