The enjoyment of life

It has been a year of huge changes for me. Family deaths, workplace restructuring and a new role at work are the least of the changes I have seen. Seeds have been planted that will see fruits in 2015. I play the long game in many ways.

I sat this night reflecting upon how my valuation upon certain things has changed. Not only has my daughter grown up substantially, but we have firm plans as a family for the first time in a long time. My own internal changes are even more prevalent.

I have ceased watching sports of any sort. I don’t even follow the sports news. More importantly, I have ceased watching television for the large part. I partake only of a couple of hours a week for programmes I enjoy viewing with my wife.

My love of music has returned. Having rediscovered the love of Black and Doom Metal that fuelled my teenage years I spend more time listening to music than on any other activity. Opera, Classical, Doom, Black, Progressive-black, folk, rock — pretty much every type of classical or rock based music is on my iPod and throughly enjoyed. As a reference I’ll list my current favourites: Grand Magus, Ihsahn, Ghost BC, Emperor, Bathory and My Dying Bride.

My true passion though is for reading and writing. Reading philosophy, psychology and occult (as a wide spread umbrella term) texts is fuelling my inner development and also inspiring the work that I am writing. Having published my first book based largely upon the journey this blog captures, I currently find myself working on what will form my second and third books concurrently.

The love of the written word and music fit together so well. I dins a mirror for much of my own mind within the works of Nietzsche, Ihsahn, Jung and Grand Magus. I find inspiration and new meaning with every page and note so that my flame dances with the energy of life. I am empowered with creative energy and thought. I have embraced so much in 2014 that it is almost a year of my coming into being. 2009 was the year of my reconception. 2014 is the year of my rebirth. Here I am.


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