A game?

What if life is just a game?

We know no rules and have no idea what the objective is. We may be as clueless as a contestant in the Hunger Games, Battle Royale, or a destruction derby. In truth, they at least have some idea of a goal — to win by surviving!

Is that the purpose of life — to get out alive? How do we achieve this defiance of death? Perhaps the key is in escaping the cycle of life and death that occurs with reincarnation. If the choice after this life is to return to this world through reincarnation or to stay dead then this is surely the mark of failure. To ascend to a higher state — that breaks the cycle of failure or resignation. Mythology suggests that heroic deeds and spiritual development are keys to this ascension. Great war heroes and minds hold the key — hence their has been no remanifestation of Louis XIV or Napoleon.

Heroes and those that conquer ascend to Asgard in my beliefs. Other religions have similar views, especially within warrior cultures. It may be that where the mastery of the will is sufficient that the natural instinct for self-preservation is overcome — then man can ascend. This mastery of will allows the heroic ideal to manifest. To act without fear. To put ones live on the line. To challenge the status quo and defy society. Mastery over oneself allows great actions. Is that the key?


The enjoyment of life

It has been a year of huge changes for me. Family deaths, workplace restructuring and a new role at work are the least of the changes I have seen. Seeds have been planted that will see fruits in 2015. I play the long game in many ways.

I sat this night reflecting upon how my valuation upon certain things has changed. Not only has my daughter grown up substantially, but we have firm plans as a family for the first time in a long time. My own internal changes are even more prevalent.

I have ceased watching sports of any sort. I don’t even follow the sports news. More importantly, I have ceased watching television for the large part. I partake only of a couple of hours a week for programmes I enjoy viewing with my wife.

My love of music has returned. Having rediscovered the love of Black and Doom Metal that fuelled my teenage years I spend more time listening to music than on any other activity. Opera, Classical, Doom, Black, Progressive-black, folk, rock — pretty much every type of classical or rock based music is on my iPod and throughly enjoyed. As a reference I’ll list my current favourites: Grand Magus, Ihsahn, Ghost BC, Emperor, Bathory and My Dying Bride.

My true passion though is for reading and writing. Reading philosophy, psychology and occult (as a wide spread umbrella term) texts is fuelling my inner development and also inspiring the work that I am writing. Having published my first book based largely upon the journey this blog captures, I currently find myself working on what will form my second and third books concurrently.

The love of the written word and music fit together so well. I dins a mirror for much of my own mind within the works of Nietzsche, Ihsahn, Jung and Grand Magus. I find inspiration and new meaning with every page and note so that my flame dances with the energy of life. I am empowered with creative energy and thought. I have embraced so much in 2014 that it is almost a year of my coming into being. 2009 was the year of my reconception. 2014 is the year of my rebirth. Here I am.

Manifest change

A couple of months ago I blogged about the change that follows a crumbling of the existing status. Following on from massive changes in my work set up, I did not know what was in store for myself.

What has manifested itself is a new role for myself in the same company. More impressive is the internal changes I have seen within myself. My writing skills have massively improved -to be noticed in my second book. My magical development has progressed massively and I credit this as helping manifest my desired work changes. My determination has been amplified.

In short- my family and work lives dissolved. What remains and has come into being is a more solid family unit and a force within myself. I am not now what I was then and neither am I all that I will be.