Rude white light

On Friday, my family encountered more evidence of the rudeness that is seemingly evident amongst the white lighters.

On a field trip to that home of new ageness that is Glastonbury, we entered a bookshop. I love books and spend a stupid amount on purchasing new texts. Whilst I was browsing my four year old daughter dared to touch a book cover. Now, she is surrounded by books at home and has the upmost respect for them. Upon receipt of a rudely delivered warning not to touch the new books, I removed my family from the shop. The store lost a significant sale as a result of their intolerance of a child.

Unfortunately we don’t dress like stereotypical hippies or neo-goth wiccans as we aren’t anything of the sort. Would we be treated with friendlier intent if we did so?

Who cares! Their loss. I don’t need their acceptance anyway. The sheep can bleat.

But why are white lighters so rude to anyone other than an obvious adherent to their ways?


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