Men of power

Men of power rule the democratic world. A judgment handed down by such a man is deemed beyond reproach and the judged are damned.

Yet these men of power would do well to recall the base of their power. Those who take power for themselves are truly powerful. Those born with an hereditary right to power are descended from those who have taken power. A democratic leader is put in power by the average man. Democracy restricts the improvement of society by empowering the weak over the strong through majority. Those put in power by the common and thus average man are nothing more than puppets of the weak.

Strong leaders are not elected by the masses. Great men rise and take power when the time is right.


2 thoughts on “Men of power

  1. You’re right about criticizing democracy, but I disagree with the notion that “those put in power by the common and thus average man are nothing more than puppets of the weak”. If that was the truth, it’d mean that in fact democracy works perfectly and indeed elected politicians are perfectly representing the “voice of the people” and do their best to further the interest of the people in perfect accordance with the promises they made during their campaign. But we all know that’s not at all true – in fact, hardly ever has a politician anything to do with his electorate. It’s populist slogans during the elections and total egoism after. And while they don’t have anything to do with the “weak average masses”, certainly such a system allows for lowly leeches with no good values whatsoever to take control AND in turn anyone (like the bankers etc.) can walk in and control THEM, sonce all they care about is their own private interests.

    1. That’s my point- when leaders feel the need to bow to the popularity game every few years then we do not elect the strong or the wise. We end up with weak leaders who allow others to effectively run the country. The elected may shun the masses for some of the year but they all have to give some ground when seeking election. A strong leader does not care for what decisions are popular. A man respects more those he fears than those he is friendly with- to paraphrase Machiavelli.

      Where elected politicians play the game to their own advantage– we must not chastise them for this. The strong will rise to power by any means. Playing your own self interests is the ultimate goal of all. Selfishness is to be praised not jeered.

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