Rude white light

On Friday, my family encountered more evidence of the rudeness that is seemingly evident amongst the white lighters.

On a field trip to that home of new ageness that is Glastonbury, we entered a bookshop. I love books and spend a stupid amount on purchasing new texts. Whilst I was browsing my four year old daughter dared to touch a book cover. Now, she is surrounded by books at home and has the upmost respect for them. Upon receipt of a rudely delivered warning not to touch the new books, I removed my family from the shop. The store lost a significant sale as a result of their intolerance of a child.

Unfortunately we don’t dress like stereotypical hippies or neo-goth wiccans as we aren’t anything of the sort. Would we be treated with friendlier intent if we did so?

Who cares! Their loss. I don’t need their acceptance anyway. The sheep can bleat.

But why are white lighters so rude to anyone other than an obvious adherent to their ways?



I’ve just realised that it has been a short while since I made any kind of post. I’ve not vanished– I’m simply taking some time out with my family. 

I’m working on advancing myself at work, writing two books and trying to be a great father and husband. Blogging is something I usually do whilst I’m on a train. Taking some time out of work this week to be with the family has meant a break in the blogging. 

Normal service will be resumed.

Mental muscle

Like a bodybuilder must strain a muscle that it may tear and repair stronger; the mental athlete must strive to challenge the brain. Through continued application to difficult tasks and the search for knowledge and truth, it is possible to develop ones mind.

Men of power

Men of power rule the democratic world. A judgment handed down by such a man is deemed beyond reproach and the judged are damned.

Yet these men of power would do well to recall the base of their power. Those who take power for themselves are truly powerful. Those born with an hereditary right to power are descended from those who have taken power. A democratic leader is put in power by the average man. Democracy restricts the improvement of society by empowering the weak over the strong through majority. Those put in power by the common and thus average man are nothing more than puppets of the weak.

Strong leaders are not elected by the masses. Great men rise and take power when the time is right.