Within each of us there is are the gifts of the gods. Some choose to use them. Some do not. Some are ignorant of the existence.

Use what has been given to you– become all that you can be and fulfil your destiny. Bend the rules of the manifest realms to your will. Become… a god


3 thoughts on “Potential

  1. Precisely, you embody the God which characteristics you represent. Some people don’t seem to realize that, turning true Paganism into some sort of politheistic Christianity with more rural themes and different music…

    1. white-lighters…same codes of morality dressed in a neo-pagan costume. Having the strength to define your own moral codes is the basis of forming your own will. Some gods have the strength and convictions to act as they will. They do not concern themselves with how others will view their actions. I have a phrase– “when enquiring how best to run a farm, you do not ask the sheep…”

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