On the need for proof

Many people require an empirical measure and definition of a thing before accepting it’s existence. Gravity did not begin with the “discovery” of Newton.

One cannot prove the thoughts inside my mind- yet they exist. Open your mind to the realisation that there is more to the world and your existence than what is taught and “confirmed”.



Within each of us there is are the gifts of the gods. Some choose to use them. Some do not. Some are ignorant of the existence.

Use what has been given to you– become all that you can be and fulfil your destiny. Bend the rules of the manifest realms to your will. Become… a god

Closing a door…opening the next

There are times in our lives when things change. It happens to all of us– that moment when you realise that you are a completely different person to a few months ago.

Recently I have realised that I have so little in common with the majority of Heathens. I do not worship– I pay homage and give thanks. I seek to learn the lessons of Odin that I may be at his side, next to Loki. I study the ways of Loki and learn the ways of manipulation from him. If Loki is Odin’s greatest student and confidant; I will be second only to Loki.

Am I Heathen? Yes, in the terms of what our ancestors would have believed. In terms of what the majority of modern Heathen groups practice– then no, I am not of the same beliefs as they. Stephen E. Flowers has coined the term Odian which best describes my approach– to study and emulate the ways of Odin. Odin and Loki are my tutors. They are not there to assist me– they teach me the tools and how to use them, but the application of these in my world is entirely down to the direction of my will. I have allowed my Heathen associations with the Troth and the Kith of Yggdrasil to lapse and cease. The Kith seems to be in stasis anyway as so little activity has emerged there in the last 9 months. The Troth is not what I believe it should be. I have found my group.

The gift is the potential. If you don’t take it out of the wrapping and see what you can do with it, then it may as well have not been given.

I believe in the Heathen gods and goddesses. I am a Heathen. I am an Odian. I am not what you think I am. I am what I desire to be.


I am.


Are you?


Having taken a tarot reading course this weekend I feel a sense of achievement. During the course I found myself abandoning the rigid structures of so many books and simply reading with my intuition. My approach switched to a similar style to that I use when reading the runes. This proved most successful.

The lesson here is to go with your instinct. Only the readers interpretation can change. The structure is secondary. This approach can be applied to so much more than just the runes or tarot. Open your mind and see what it tells you about the world.


The world does not exist. Where cells and atoms age and renew from one second to the next- nothing exists. Time dictates that as soon as something “is” then it already passes to a state of “was” and we await what “will be”. Existence is a form of the present and that is something we can not hold.

Being understood

Just because nobody understands your work, it is not a given that you are wrong or your work has no merit. Showing a set of cooking instructions to a cat is likely to produce the same result. Your work will be valued and understood in time– providing there is a true value to it, but you may have to wait for the intellect of the masses to evolve an understanding.

Come Loki

Out of stagnation
No creation seen
Change is desired
The sword shall gleam

The pattern unseen
Too close to the weave
Of our lives we alone
Captain of our path

A forest must burn
A tree must die
Before it may return
To build a wall high

Master of gifts
Bringer of change
Bondage to lift
Your ways so strange

Game of thrones indeed

Survival of the fittest. The smartest or strongest will win out. To the victor goes the spoils- to breed and harvest. The triumph and power.

This is Darwin. This is Nietzsche. This is Redbeard. The game of life is what we play and only those with the strength or intellect will emerge victorious. Plankton outnumber the whale shark by millions to one, yet the shark consumes at will.

Play the game well. Make your own rules. Step upon the throat of your vanquished enemy and ascend. That is the evolution of the species.