Over the weekend I approved the proof of my first book. Based largely upon the early days of this blog, the content requires little description here.

What did strike me however was the astounding pace of the evolution of my mind in theological and philosophical matters. In four years I have defined my own beliefs and searched for my gods. I have also evolved beyond the need to belong and realised that I must not adapt my thoughts in order to fit with a system of heathenry. Accepting my views as varying to those of many- the true value comes in realising that my convictions are enough for me to wager that I alone am correct. Only the gods will tell me otherwise.

Amazingly through this final dawning of theological strength, it is now that I find myself amongst those strong enough to place no value upon the judgments of others against their views. I have been accepted amongst a few who share many of my beliefs but also accept that my gods differ. I will learn and evolve further before one day finding myself truly alone in my beliefs and philosophy. I will be ready to be accepted as one of my gods at that time. That will be a good day to die…