Changing the pattern

I feel fresh and energised to undertake my work- that is, the work. The Great work.

The connection I feel to the wild and rugged land of England’s Lake District is indescribable. Visiting feels like a home coming and I always leave feeling supercharged. I have returned home ready to study, ready to write, ready to continue the work placed before me as a student of Odin and most of all I have a clearly focused mind- I know where I will to be 18 months from now and how to make it so…it will be done. The Web of Wyrd may indeed have altered as a result of my days in the Lakes.

I recommend anyone who has the chance to visit the Lake District. The stone circle there (see my past posts and photography section) is the most atmospheric and powerful I have ever visited and despite the presence of new agers- you can still feel the power that flows there. Harness it. Use it. Work with it.

The Web of Wyrd is a tapestry- one which you must step back from before you can see the pattern as a whole and full understand where you have been and why…even more critical is that the pattern ahead is only planned- plans can be changed with the right input. Change the Web so that your contribution to the pattern becomes a highlight, a centre-piece and the focal point when viewed from a distance rather than simply being in the background with the herd.





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