Changing the pattern

I feel fresh and energised to undertake my work- that is, the work. The Great work.

The connection I feel to the wild and rugged land of England’s Lake District is indescribable. Visiting feels like a home coming and I always leave feeling supercharged. I have returned home ready to study, ready to write, ready to continue the work placed before me as a student of Odin and most of all I have a clearly focused mind- I know where I will to be 18 months from now and how to make it so…it will be done. The Web of Wyrd may indeed have altered as a result of my days in the Lakes.

I recommend anyone who has the chance to visit the Lake District. The stone circle there (see my past posts and photography section) is the most atmospheric and powerful I have ever visited and despite the presence of new agers- you can still feel the power that flows there. Harness it. Use it. Work with it.

The Web of Wyrd is a tapestry- one which you must step back from before you can see the pattern as a whole and full understand where you have been and why…even more critical is that the pattern ahead is only planned- plans can be changed with the right input. Change the Web so that your contribution to the pattern becomes a highlight, a centre-piece and the focal point when viewed from a distance rather than simply being in the background with the herd.





An offering has been made

I have made a significant offering to Thor. As I do not believe in praying to the gods for help, the offering did not ask anything of Thor, but instead I gave my thanks to him for the protection he has offered my family over the last 5 years almost.

The offering was my silver Mjolnir pendant that has been worn around my neck over the years. I ventured on a boat across Lake Windermere and leaned out over the side to throw out my offering to Thor. I did this to offer thanks using something of value to myself, value to Thor and to use the lake as a means of portal between worlds by which to send the gift- emulation of the bog offerings was my goal in the hope that a method once used can be so again.

Coming across a tutor

Some times, we stumble. Sometimes we fall, but other times we find someone there to assist us. It is amazing how the web of Wyrd is woven and how you can accidentally find yourself in the midst of a tutor holding the guidance you need for the next leg of your journey and how this happens when the time is right.

After some time thinking I was alone in my work- I have found others.