Light ahead

I once read that when we are ready- an appropriate teacher will come into our lives. As I resolve to walk this path alone and find my own way forever more, I reach out to those before me for guidance and find not those I reached out to- but rather a group of minds already on the path whom can give me directions to keep the path.

I give thanks to the Norn and the tapestry they weave



My attempts at awakening the kundalini have been successful through the use of Michael Kelly’s rituals for opening the eye of the dragon in the void.

Having began work with the void in other forms, Kelly’s approach as per his Draconian consciousness text has been the final key.

I’ve never had a meditation experience like this and feel it still.

Open your eyes

We must open our eyes. Hearing is not listening. Man generally does not watch or observe what occurs around him. We see but do not observe.

In order to observe and hear our worlds- we must awaken our conscious. As we use so little of our brains- we rely purely on the functionality of the senses. Only through effort do we pay attention- often at times we now we wish to remember such as a wedding or the birth of our children. Here is where we find Ouspensky invaluable. Through the effort to remember- we actually find ourselves more awake. We observe and hear when we put effort into it.

Throwing stones

When throwing pebbles into the well, the ripples are unlikely to return to you as a tsunami. What is more likely is that you disturb the equilibrium of the well. This disturbance is good- if equilibrium results in stasis then the result is death. A balanced flow of force within equilibrium is healthy, as long as there remains an energy flow and exchange.

The true skill rests in being able to throw the pebble so that the ripples in fabric return to you in a positive state.


It is important that we allow the evolution of knowledge. Too much is reverence laid upon the teachings of the past and never given to contemporary thought.

Crowley, Nietzsche, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Levi etc… all lived and formed their great works somewhere in the region of 100 years ago. These seminal minds and works were entirely relevant then and remain so to this day. However, it must be held that the world is an entirely different place to that which was known by them- we have had two world wars, the nuclear age, the space age and the internet age have all dawned. We have began to witness the fruits of the seeds of mankind’s abuse of the ecosystem. It is therefore vital that we acknowledge and allow for certain aspects of the teachings of the great minds to be no longer valid- the herd has changed. The environment has changed.

We must accept that some philosophers and adepts will evolve the ideas formed 100 years ago and in doing so- make them more refreshed and relevant to the present. The mechanisms have altered and the theories must be adapted accordingly. It is incorrect therefore to dismiss the ideas of a contemporary simply because we place greater reverence of the old masters. The testament of time is not a hallmark of brilliance- it is simply an easy assessment criteria for those unable to make their own critical reading of the works. If you cannot discern what remains relevant and adopt or evolve that which does not- then you may be better off not wasting your time reading works beyond the full comprehension of your intellect. Nietzsche did not accept the works of his predecessors- he read them critically and evolved his work out of agreement or disagreement to them.

Seeing beyond

As we become secure in our lives, we build our walls and our towers high around us. We insulate ourselves. Sometimes we need to break the walls down and burn the tower to the ground before we look beyond our walls to see all else in the world.