The return

I’m back!

Not that I’ve really been anywhere, but I had taken a leave from blogging. There are couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, I have been concentrating hard on writing my book. I don’t want to blog too similarly to the content of the book- what works in a book doesn’t typically work as a blog post.

Secondly, I’ve been somewhat wrestling with myself as to what is suitable for ‘blogging’- given that I have abandoned any idea of aiding others. My theories and beliefs don’t align with anyone else that I know of- they are perhaps best described as being a mix of Nietzsche and Thorsson, but with my own elements interwoven. Certainly, those two minds are the only people I have ever read and felt as if they had written my thoughts. As a result, my views don’t fit with most pagan groups and certainly not with Heathen groups.

There are but two groups globally I have found that have a philosophy similar to my own, but one is too open to anyone joining and as a result makes a show of working towards goals- ultimately achieving very little for the majority. A group as open as this should be viewed as little more than an ‘alternative herd’ for the seeker and as such I must avoid. The other group is very closed and selective of its members. The philosophy is almost a perfect match to my own- yet I have a problem with their use of deity. They seem to be a mix of ‘theistic and non-theistic’ yet only use the deity as an archetype. My fealty to Odin does not align with this- their god may well be Odin in a form, but I cannot call the allfather by a name other than I am used to knowing him as. If I could reconcile this difficulty, then perhaps I can learn from them and accelerate my progress.

Having somewhat resolved the issue of what to blog here- I will guide, I will report on landmarks on my road and I will post my comment, but I will not give explicit instruction here. Find your own path. If you find the right path- well done. If you find the wrong path- you will try again. I believe I have the right path- as I should do so. If you do not trust in yourself, then what can you trust in?




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