In my restless quest for knowledge…

I am currently working my way through Crowley’s Book 4, Levi’s Transcendental Magic and Nietzsche’s Will to Power.

I’ve also taken the step to purchase a tarot deck. After my first experience with tarot in the Autumn of 2013, I have finally decided to learn the mysteries of tarot- we must ever seek out new mysteries. Choosing a deck was fun and I couldn’t find anything that resonated until my wife mentioned she tried to find something for me this Yule- a Norse Tarot deck. Stop- don’t all scream at once about the tarot having nothing to do with Asatru! It doesn’t, but I am no closed book. Pick up a tarot deck- any one will do. Anyone with a sound knowledge of the runic mysteries will instinctively know and understand the cards. There is an underlying current behind both mysteries that are now used for divination. If you can read the runes, you will read the tarot.

I found the deck that my wife was unable to purchase- the artist is still making them, but the publisher is no longer selling them and so you have to purchase direct from The Green Man and the Gatekeeper in the Forest of Dean. Beautiful art and instinctively natural associations between the Norse mythology and the tarot. A great set and I am already pleased with the ‘gut’ readings that I have done.

Check out the artist: at www.greenmangatekeeper.com




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