The Great Work

From Hemetic magi, through Abramelin, Crowley and into the present- the Great Work has been the focus of those seeking the truth. Some seek a connection with their daimon, some seek immortality and of course some seek power. Either way the work is the same.

Meditation is the dominant methodology of the work, but I also find the shamanic like trance work of Seidr to also be extremely usefu in this field. Where meditation allows the focus of the mind/self upon a goal and has potential for revelation- Seidr combines this with an element of the benefits to be gained through the workings of Hermetic ceremony. I have a realm through which I can not only access Yggdrasil and seek beings/wights to assist me in my work, but also I am able to visualise far greater ceremonial work here than is practical in the confinements of the physical plane of Midgard.

I’m sure that many will frown upon this, but it is my way. I do not expect it to work for anyone else- if it doe so, then good.


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