the work of the hermit

I’m quite an antisocial person. As a matter of fact- Nietzsche really encapsulated my mind a 100 years before I was born.

I am at ease when in my own company. There are not many I will tolerate in my presence- even in terms of family. I do not need pub-moots, I do not need philoso-magical orders. I do not need social networking. I do not need friends.

It has taken until now for me to realise that this psychology and philosophy also applies to my religious and magical practices. I will not find any group where I feel at home for either of these purposes. It may be arrogance, it is definitely my superiority complex, but it is also partly the Zarathustran realisation that I know better. 5 years of practice and I know more than people who are running some groups.

In a truly Nietzschean term- they have their way, I have mine- the right way does not exist. All I can say is that I have more trust in myself being right than I do others. The path of the hermit it is for me. If I succeed or fail- it will be by my own remit. I will not spend 5 years demonstrating my knowledge and passing stages of initiation that require me to pretend I know nothing and mock a process of development. It is always of value to retread past workings- but to halt progress whilst demonstrating the process of development and becoming I have undertaken already is not the goal. This process is the restraints of a specialist herd, but a herd mentality all the same. Know me and you will know my mind and development. Assume I am like others and I will assume you seek to define me and I am gone. I am not what you think. I am what I think. I am what I will. My path is meant for me. I am responsible only for myself.

I will integrate techniques and philosophies as they resonate true with myself and merge them with my own techniques, theories and life philosophy.

Become? Always.




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