incredible working

I have done many workings…of various types…with varied success.

Tonight, I completed what may be the most simple working I have yet undertaken- one that whilst being so simple, has left me touched and inspired like never before.

After reading Michael Kelly’s ‘Apophis’, in which he advocates the evolution of ritual into its most simple form of the magi, a candle and little else- I have modelled this into a ritual format of my own.

Incense, some ambient music by Wardruna, a black candle charged and inscribed with the Ansuz rune and that was it. The ritual took place after a rune reading to seek some guidance on life changing matters.

A simple meditation upon the flame and my will formed the working. No ritual drama here.

Not only do I feel reaffirmed as to the path I am walking, but I feel empowered and inspired- as if Odin has renewed the Wod within me and has fanned the black flame of inspiration to allow the triumph of directed consciousness over primal chaos. Ansuz is the answer. Ansuz is the black flame.


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