The Whitewashing of Witchery in American Neo Paganism- The Taming of the Witch

The Whitewashing of Witchery in American Neo Paganism- The Taming of the Witch.


A brilliant piece of writing- one that I totally agree with.

Wicca and neo-paganism is often found to be in denial as to what it is. You can’t claim to be a harmless and peaceful faith with a ‘harm none’ rede yet have practitioners study curses, hexes and manipulation magics. Gardner himself conducted a rite against the Germans during WWII- I’m sure the results would have included a great deal of harm to the Germans. Chrisitanity and Wicca have much in common- they both deny their origins. The God of the Christians is the Hebraic god of the Israelites- the wrathful god of vengence, slayer of the first born, bringer of plagues, denier of knowledge (Eve of course ate from the tree of knowledge and paid the price for ignoring God’s command to accept existence as it was and not seek to know more)- yet Christians now promote a vision of a sanitised and forgiving God. He still hasn’t delivered them back to the Garden of Eden after millennia- not very forging!

Admit what you are and what you do- the restraints of the right hand are there to confine the sheep with an existence. “Morality is the herd instinct in the individual” said Nietzsche. The herd of cattle does not think for itself, but follows the direction chosen for it. Free yourself. Choose for yourself what is right and wrong and define your own moral code. Selfishness is not a bad trait- to want to improve oneself, to learn, to grow stronger, to progress skills, to have more freedom, to be financially stable- these are not wrongful acts, but are acts of selfishness. Odin is my fultrui and teacher- he did as he chose and slayed his ancestor, learned the magic of seidr when it was forbidden and his grand schemes and plots are played out through to Ragnarok- only then will the plot of Odin, Loki and Baldur be revealed when Baldur can explain what the Allfather whispered to him on the pyre. Odin is known as the grey- a mix of black and white and perhaps this describes his morality and use of magic?

To be selfish is to survive, to improve yourself and overcome adversity. To be selfless is to accept the status quo and live as cattle.

By denying the selfish, self-deification aspects of withcraft- Wiccan’s are missing part of the picture. Knowing only the ‘white’ magical arts is akin to learning martial arts without learning how to use fatal blows- knowing only half of the art will lead to accidents as the true skill to not harming someone is that you know how to do so if you must and so have the knowledge to restrain yourself as required. Wiccan’s have the sword and the shield at hand- yet only select the shield and then ‘ask’ a god or goddess to shape things for them. I’m pretty sure the gods they use must be getting sick of hearing the prayers of request.

The black and white will fall to the grey.





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