Psychic work

I’ve never been into psychics. Never been psychic. Never wanted to be so.

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours on a psychic development workshop. Covering topics like listening to your intuition, psychic sand, tarot, painting and the reading of energies left on personal objects- the course was refreshing in its approach and content.

Taught by someone trained by old fashioned mediums, there was little reliance on text or books, but rather a lot of practical and experience based tutoring. The course was great I must admit. Personally, I learned that I am more in touch with this aspect of myself than I thought and I am actually pretty accurate with it, but also- I got confirmation that when sat in a room of peers and discussing topics, that not only is my knowledge developing as I hoped through my study, but that I actually know a lot more than many others. This confirmation is what I was ultimately seeking- something to show that all of my work is paying off and my development is continuing as planned.

A surprising result of the day was that I now understand the tarot a little better and will now be seeking an appropriate pack to work with. Why are there 72 cards? 72 has many occurrences obviously within the fields of Goetic magic and ceremonial workings and is also 9×8, which I view as being the key number 9 of Norse lore being multiplied by the 8 worlds outside of our realm. Interesting. I think there is much research and work for me to do here.


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