Spiritual and magical development

In forming my own system of training for both mind and will, I’ve accelerated the schedule of reading thanks to the kindle app on my ipad.

Some great books I’ve been reading are:

Beyond Good & Evil by Nietzsche- a great book on morality and I almost clapped for joy at the definition of slave/master morality. The master morality approach is definitely aligned with my own here.

the Book of Seidr by Runic John- a brilliant book that developed the system of meditation I had already began without realising it was along the lines of Seidr.

Raja Yoga by Yogi Ramachakara- an old book, but a brilliant introduction to the power of Raja yoga and the realisation that our bodies and minds are just tools for us to use. We are not our bodies. We are immortal and invulnerable.

Liber ABA book 4 by Crowley- Crowley’s definitive magical text in my opinion. Not everything is valid for myself and I believe there are elements of chaotic text thrown in purposely to deceive and deter the unworthy individual, but I sincerely believe Crowley is not only the most understood of British heroes of the last 100 years, but was in fact one of the greatest minds that these isles ever produced.

It is my opinion, that in order to develop both the powers of our might and main, then we must also develop our spiritual understanding and self-awareness as well as simply harvesting knowledge of herbs, ritual etc. and this is the reasoning behind my interests in yoga, qi gong, philosophy, art and music.



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