Seidr travels

As you may recall, I’ve recently began working on the skill of seidr. Inspired by Runic John and Jenny Blain, I’ve taken to this practice.

I have found that much of what constitutes seidr is actually what I had been doing by myself when sitting down for a meditation- I have rarely sat and meditated upon the image or meaning of an object etc, but after doing Thorsson’s series of meditations upon my own psyche and the runes, I had began meditation that involved a journey along the pathways of Yggdrasil to seek advice and enhance learning. Only now do I know that this is not too far removed from the practive of seidr- I was even using a shamanic drumming mp3 in order to assist my meditations.

One things I have found immensely useful is the frithstead I have found courtesy of Runic John’s work. I have quickly worked here to create a temple which I can use for my rituals. This is incredibly useful when I am unable to sip from the horn and sing galdr in public. I’ve only began to learn the methods and benefits to seidr and especially my frithsstead, but I know this much- this, like the runes, is something I will master as Odin has done so before us.

May ravens guide my way.


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