Making my own

I’ve had a vision of a ritual over-robe to wear during blots, rune working, seidr etc. that would be designed to harness and project my will whilst also receiving the energies surrounding me.

The idea has been bouncing around my head for a couple of months. A strange conversation came up somehow that resulted in my wife offering to help me make this.

Other items were also added that I was looking to have custom made- some pouches, bags, reading cloth designs etc. that my wife will most likely produce for me by herself and then add whatever rune designs I wish to them.

It’s a strange world- I never envisioned sitting around the dining room table stitching ritual garments would be something my wife would want to do each evening. The moment of inspiration hit us hard I guess. Now- where do I find the right material?

Reyn til Runa!



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