The signal has been sent

After some frustration at remaining solitary, I sent out a request for Heathens nearby to shout out if they want to form a meeting.

The issue is always that so many events are in London, late at night or at times which do not work for anyone with children.

Much to my surprise, it seems to have only taken a few short hours before there is an initial interest from fellow Heathens in a similar place to myself. A meeting has been set at a time and place that should suit most who work or who have small children and it’s intended to be a family friendly event too, so I do hope the children come along.

I actually have no idea where I was going with this process, but the wheels are rolling now!

Also, I seem to have pushed my local pagan meeting to give me time to explain my beliefs to the group and also outline my own personal interests. I need to control that side of me which lands me in these situations!


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