After much debate, I have purchased an iPad with a keyboard cover.

I never saw the benefit of these gadgets and viewed them as a fashion accessory for the most part. The change came as I sought a way to make use of some of my travel time to or from work- I wanted to carry my laptop with me to finish work on my book, but that would mean carrying two laptops. An iPad and keyboard was the light weight option- and syncing to iCloud means my book will always be up to date no matter which device I open it on and continue my work.

I have no idea when the book will be finished, or if it will ever be published. At 15,000 words right now and estimating around another 10,000 to add before I am complete- it would be fair to say the book will be opinionated, but useful whilst heavy going for anyone venturing upon the path to Heathen beliefs.

It would be fair to also say that you can expect more frequent blog updates as a result of the purchase too.

Damn technology making me spend money!


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