Okay, I know, I know – there is no known date for when Odin sacrificed himself to Odin.

Although some Asatru have given these days a representing the 9 days that Odin hung, I have decided to take the challenge.

This is the third day of nine for me. I have restricted my eating between 7 and 7,but the major one for me is that I have given up coffee for 9 days and nights. anyone who knows me could tell you how much coffee I consume daily – I live on the stuff. What I want expecting was the clear impact of the coffee sacrifice – the caffeine suppresses hunger! Give up coffee and stop eating and wowza do you feel hunger!

First day at work during the trial today and within 30 míns I’d been offered two mugs of coffee and to go out for the best pizza in London. Hard to say no, but I somehow managed even if it means I sit here typing of just how hungry and desperate for a coffee I am right now.

This is going to be tough – but that’s the point isn’t it.

Mmmmmm… What í can do next year?