Web censorship and the ‘new witch hunt’ in the UK via ISP’s

Mr Cameron has included a raft of material deemed harmful to children including porn, violence, terrorism and suicide. Okay, this all makes sense and although I have some resignation that we are finally seeing censorship being applied to the internet in the UK that will allow someone to censor even MMA fights if they see fit, I am more outraged by the inclusion of esoteric/pagan/occult material on the list of websites to be banned by the end of the year.


So, a right wing Christian deems that anything not mainstream religion is harmful to children? Well, Mr Hopkins…errr Cameron- I due hereby give you the title of Cameron- Witchfinder General. Ridiculous. This is the most ridiculous infringement upon the rights of pagans in the UK since the witch trials. I will dutifully right a number of letters regarding this and demanding answers, but my cage is rattled.

There are petitions out there- sign them if you will. Write to your MP. Write to the Pagan Federation. Act now.


UPDATE- okay, so there is a source that has been able to look into this issue further:




Now, whilst I have some degree of relief here- the fact is that as far as the information we have, then the UK ISP’s are suggesting that esoteric material may be on the list of subjects to be filtered unless you opt-out. Another way to add our names to a ‘blacklist’ regardless of whatever people say. Prism and GCHQ data harvesting has been proven in the last few months and this is just a bona-fide manner to have bill payers for internet services sign up and put their name to a statement that they wish to view materials that the ISP (with official or un-official guidance from elsewhere) have deemed as potentially damaging to children. Good luck to any teenager exploring alternative religion in the UK from 2015 then.

On the plus side, maybe book sales will pick up again as people seek information? Once amazon purchases are proven to be tracked also, then high street booksellers will benefit. Good idea Mr Cameron!




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