Great books

Right now my reading is going into overdrive.

I currently have Beyond Good & Evil by Nietzsche and the Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Agrippa as my reading materials.

Having just finished the Apology of Socrates by Plato and Hammer of the God’s by Wodening and Churton’s biography of Aleister Crowley, I’m rapidly proceeding through my reading pile and will need to add further works to be studied.

Whilst I was not overly impressed with the Apology, I am finding Beyond Good & Evil much more nurishing for the brain. The work of Agrippa to compile the three books of occult philosophy is something to be commended. To compile such a body of lore, theory and knowledge during a time when witchcraft was still punishable by burning, was an amazing act of bravery. Of course, as is so aptly demonstrated by the story of Agrippa’s life- it was far easier for a man to study such works than a lady at the time and indeed Agrippa was called upon to prove the innocence of a lady accused of witchcraft.  However much admiration I have for his bravery and work, I can not proclaim that I would be as brave to emulate his works should I find myself in a country where such behaviour would lead to my death. Indeed, I must stress the point that I relate the possible situation to another ‘country’ and not ‘a time’. It is vital to bear in mind that whilst we have the luck to live in a liberal western country, there are still countries in the 21st century where an accusation of witchcraft is sufficient for a lynch mob and kangaroo court to find ladies (yes, it is still more likely to be a lady accused and murdered for witchcraft) guilty of witchcraft and drag them from their homes and put them to their death.




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