Aleister Crowley

I’ve just finished reading a biography of Mr. Crowley. What a fantastic mind he had. Regardless of what you think of his esoteric exploits, the achievements in mountain climbing and intelligence work alone demand admiration.

The only aspect of his religion I agree with is the that of the law of the will. Likewise, there is little magical aspect of Mr. Crowley that I would agree with other than perhaps the integration of yoga and other esteemed eastern techniques for the achievement of enlightenment.

What is most telling however is the villain aspect of his public portrayal and how 70 years after his death it still refuses to fade. Only this year did an outraged British press report the recruitment of a minor celebrity, daughter of a more relevant celebrity, as being recruited into Crowley’s sexual cult, or the OTO.  Yes, his name will seemingly be immortal in its link to the portrayal of the occult and any aspect of sexual magic.

I wonder who will laugh last? I suspect it may be the Beast.


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