I have recently began focussing on some path-working.

Combining some elements of qi gong, shamanic drumming and galdr- I believe I have formulated my own form of Seidr. As we know little of how Seidr was practised 1000 years ago, I have had to take that which we know and add elements that work, whilst feeling ‘right’, from elsewhere.

The sessions have been most productive. Without going into too much details, the journeys were of a personal developmental nature, I seem to be finding it easier to obtain the correct mental state and the results are pleasing at this point. Of course, there are advisors that Seidr should never be done alone and I can agree with them in some aspects. I have my routines, but most importantly my will power. With these, I believe I am safe. Until I find a religio-magical group with which to work, or form my own as per a current thought process and developed plan/structure, then I will continue to work alone on this. Progress can not be stopped simply because one has no safety rope for the climb.


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