Seeking the next steps

My mind continues to grow and thirsts for even greater knowledge.  As my library grows, there are of course books that are read yet nothing or little is gained from them. These books will be sold on, but the vast majority are rrturned for reference.

My first book of knowledge has been filled with references and works I deem at the core of my beliefs and practices. My second book, more a book of results, has a more developmental approach that revolves heavily around my rune work. I am logging my own interpretations of each rune and core references from the Rune poems.  My own experiments with bind-runes are also being given a section along with galdr works, my new experiments in Seiðr, incenses and general other works.

As the core of my library is completed and read, I find the ever increasing need for discussion of theories. The Web offers some option for this, although it is heavily Wiccan based in terms of the online conversations you can find. I have nothing against Wiccan’s but they have views that different from my own and this can be a point of termination.  I will instead turn to more structured groups and see if they can provide some discourse and food for growth. 

I must admit that recent readings of Regardie, Crawley, Plato and Nietzche have spurned various thought processes and internalised mental debates over the applications of various theories and philosophies.


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