Rune readings for friends

Last night I did the first readings for people other than myself or wife.

The challenge here was that I do not know every intimate detail of these lives and so it would further develop my divination skill. A further, yet expected, challenge was the fact that both people were reluctant to ask a specific question. A general reading is not something that I have ever done, but I found a way.

The readings went well and having to explain possible meanings and relationships was a worthy exercise. Interpretation of the runes and relationships without having a road map giving direction as to what this relates to is definitely a challenge that will develop my reading skills. I will eagerly await the feedback from the friends which my wife will gather.

Furthermore, the evening was perhaps the first time that these friends have openly questioned me on my beliefs and practices. I’m sure it was very interesting for them and one of them left with a book on certain beings. I do not preach at anyone, but will always answer any question put my way.


Roll on!


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