Web censorship and the ‘new witch hunt’ in the UK via ISP’s

Mr Cameron has included a raft of material deemed harmful to children including porn, violence, terrorism and suicide. Okay, this all makes sense and although I have some resignation that we are finally seeing censorship being applied to the internet in the UK that will allow someone to censor even MMA fights if they see fit, I am more outraged by the inclusion of esoteric/pagan/occult material on the list of websites to be banned by the end of the year.


So, a right wing Christian deems that anything not mainstream religion is harmful to children? Well, Mr Hopkins…errr Cameron- I due hereby give you the title of Cameron- Witchfinder General. Ridiculous. This is the most ridiculous infringement upon the rights of pagans in the UK since the witch trials. I will dutifully right a number of letters regarding this and demanding answers, but my cage is rattled.

There are petitions out there- sign them if you will. Write to your MP. Write to the Pagan Federation. Act now.


UPDATE- okay, so there is a source that has been able to look into this issue further:




Now, whilst I have some degree of relief here- the fact is that as far as the information we have, then the UK ISP’s are suggesting that esoteric material may be on the list of subjects to be filtered unless you opt-out. Another way to add our names to a ‘blacklist’ regardless of whatever people say. Prism and GCHQ data harvesting has been proven in the last few months and this is just a bona-fide manner to have bill payers for internet services sign up and put their name to a statement that they wish to view materials that the ISP (with official or un-official guidance from elsewhere) have deemed as potentially damaging to children. Good luck to any teenager exploring alternative religion in the UK from 2015 then.

On the plus side, maybe book sales will pick up again as people seek information? Once amazon purchases are proven to be tracked also, then high street booksellers will benefit. Good idea Mr Cameron!




Great books

Right now my reading is going into overdrive.

I currently have Beyond Good & Evil by Nietzsche and the Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Agrippa as my reading materials.

Having just finished the Apology of Socrates by Plato and Hammer of the God’s by Wodening and Churton’s biography of Aleister Crowley, I’m rapidly proceeding through my reading pile and will need to add further works to be studied.

Whilst I was not overly impressed with the Apology, I am finding Beyond Good & Evil much more nurishing for the brain. The work of Agrippa to compile the three books of occult philosophy is something to be commended. To compile such a body of lore, theory and knowledge during a time when witchcraft was still punishable by burning, was an amazing act of bravery. Of course, as is so aptly demonstrated by the story of Agrippa’s life- it was far easier for a man to study such works than a lady at the time and indeed Agrippa was called upon to prove the innocence of a lady accused of witchcraft.  However much admiration I have for his bravery and work, I can not proclaim that I would be as brave to emulate his works should I find myself in a country where such behaviour would lead to my death. Indeed, I must stress the point that I relate the possible situation to another ‘country’ and not ‘a time’. It is vital to bear in mind that whilst we have the luck to live in a liberal western country, there are still countries in the 21st century where an accusation of witchcraft is sufficient for a lynch mob and kangaroo court to find ladies (yes, it is still more likely to be a lady accused and murdered for witchcraft) guilty of witchcraft and drag them from their homes and put them to their death.



Aleister Crowley

I’ve just finished reading a biography of Mr. Crowley. What a fantastic mind he had. Regardless of what you think of his esoteric exploits, the achievements in mountain climbing and intelligence work alone demand admiration.

The only aspect of his religion I agree with is the that of the law of the will. Likewise, there is little magical aspect of Mr. Crowley that I would agree with other than perhaps the integration of yoga and other esteemed eastern techniques for the achievement of enlightenment.

What is most telling however is the villain aspect of his public portrayal and how 70 years after his death it still refuses to fade. Only this year did an outraged British press report the recruitment of a minor celebrity, daughter of a more relevant celebrity, as being recruited into Crowley’s sexual cult, or the OTO.  Yes, his name will seemingly be immortal in its link to the portrayal of the occult and any aspect of sexual magic.

I wonder who will laugh last? I suspect it may be the Beast.


I have recently began focussing on some path-working.

Combining some elements of qi gong, shamanic drumming and galdr- I believe I have formulated my own form of Seidr. As we know little of how Seidr was practised 1000 years ago, I have had to take that which we know and add elements that work, whilst feeling ‘right’, from elsewhere.

The sessions have been most productive. Without going into too much details, the journeys were of a personal developmental nature, I seem to be finding it easier to obtain the correct mental state and the results are pleasing at this point. Of course, there are advisors that Seidr should never be done alone and I can agree with them in some aspects. I have my routines, but most importantly my will power. With these, I believe I am safe. Until I find a religio-magical group with which to work, or form my own as per a current thought process and developed plan/structure, then I will continue to work alone on this. Progress can not be stopped simply because one has no safety rope for the climb.

On the verge

I sense things are happening. Change is coming and with it, an understanding of things once hidden. As Plant sang, ‘there are two paths you can go by, …but there’s still time to change the road you’re on’ and I feel as if I am crossing the wilderness between the paths. I look to the West and follow the setting of Sunna. I hope only that things which are yet to materialise bring that which my family desires most.

Seeking the next steps

My mind continues to grow and thirsts for even greater knowledge.  As my library grows, there are of course books that are read yet nothing or little is gained from them. These books will be sold on, but the vast majority are rrturned for reference.

My first book of knowledge has been filled with references and works I deem at the core of my beliefs and practices. My second book, more a book of results, has a more developmental approach that revolves heavily around my rune work. I am logging my own interpretations of each rune and core references from the Rune poems.  My own experiments with bind-runes are also being given a section along with galdr works, my new experiments in Seiðr, incenses and general other works.

As the core of my library is completed and read, I find the ever increasing need for discussion of theories. The Web offers some option for this, although it is heavily Wiccan based in terms of the online conversations you can find. I have nothing against Wiccan’s but they have views that different from my own and this can be a point of termination.  I will instead turn to more structured groups and see if they can provide some discourse and food for growth. 

I must admit that recent readings of Regardie, Crawley, Plato and Nietzche have spurned various thought processes and internalised mental debates over the applications of various theories and philosophies.


Just a quick note,

I’ve added a page for my favourite quotes. There is not really a continual theme here- some will be lyrics, some will be quotes from historic figures- all will be quotes that mean something to myself. Most will be applicable either to my beliefs or life philosophy, but some will simply be here because I simply like them.



Rune readings for friends

Last night I did the first readings for people other than myself or wife.

The challenge here was that I do not know every intimate detail of these lives and so it would further develop my divination skill. A further, yet expected, challenge was the fact that both people were reluctant to ask a specific question. A general reading is not something that I have ever done, but I found a way.

The readings went well and having to explain possible meanings and relationships was a worthy exercise. Interpretation of the runes and relationships without having a road map giving direction as to what this relates to is definitely a challenge that will develop my reading skills. I will eagerly await the feedback from the friends which my wife will gather.

Furthermore, the evening was perhaps the first time that these friends have openly questioned me on my beliefs and practices. I’m sure it was very interesting for them and one of them left with a book on certain beings. I do not preach at anyone, but will always answer any question put my way.


Roll on!