Rune readings

In an attempt to further broaden my understanding of the runes, especially in terms of divination, I have just arranged an evening of readings for others.

I have worked solidly with the runes in many forms over the last few years even working through Thorsson’s book/curriculum “the 9 doors of midgard”.  This will mark the first time that I have done a divination for anyone other than myself. Interpreting the cast for yourself is one thing, but understanding is application to someone else will require a broader lever of detail as I don’t know the intricacies of their lives. The communication of the possibilities for them will also be a key in grasping the meaning for them.

At least one will not have a specific question and is sure to ask for a general reading as per their previous experience with a tarot reading. Having always worked with specific questions this could be an interesting experiment also. I fear a general reading of the runes will prove pointless but I will try at least once.

I will not be taking payment for the readings bit I will be asking them to make an offering to the Norn and Odin. I wonder how they will react?

The readings tale place in just under 2 weeks. I’ll report on the events here.


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