Rune readings

In an attempt to further broaden my understanding of the runes, especially in terms of divination, I have just arranged an evening of readings for others.

I have worked solidly with the runes in many forms over the last few years even working through Thorsson’s book/curriculum “the 9 doors of midgard”.  This will mark the first time that I have done a divination for anyone other than myself. Interpreting the cast for yourself is one thing, but understanding is application to someone else will require a broader lever of detail as I don’t know the intricacies of their lives. The communication of the possibilities for them will also be a key in grasping the meaning for them.

At least one will not have a specific question and is sure to ask for a general reading as per their previous experience with a tarot reading. Having always worked with specific questions this could be an interesting experiment also. I fear a general reading of the runes will prove pointless but I will try at least once.

I will not be taking payment for the readings bit I will be asking them to make an offering to the Norn and Odin. I wonder how they will react?

The readings tale place in just under 2 weeks. I’ll report on the events here.


Seiðr and and other things

It’s been a while since my last post apologies for that but it is crazy at work and home right now and I barely get time to do my study never mind update the blog.

The pictures of the new runes (a beautiful creation from spirit of old I must add) will be up soon.

So what’s new?

I’ve began working through the Rune – Gild curriculum as per ‘the nine doors of midgard’ by Thorsson. I love that book and think it pretty much encompasses my whole approach to working with the runes. I’ve also began doing readings for my wife and will look to branch out and read for friends next. I’m a little nervous about that how do you make the reading relate for someone you do not know as intimately as yourself? Mmmmmm……..

I’ve continued my studies with the works of Israel Regardie , Swain Wodening, Judy Hall and others. I can see elements of the eastern mysticism that Regardie is an expert in that I can encompass within my own skills and have began aligning some works here with a special focus on meditation/chakras and how they can align with the runes and the nine world’s.  I’ve also read a great deal on the uses of gates and portals within ceremonial based magic schemes and where I can see the method behind this it is not of great use to me at this time. Commanding an other being to do my will is not what I see as something to master just yet and I certainly would not attempt to conjure any god or étin.

What has become more of an interest is the practice of Seiðr. Previously this never interested me as the runes were my primary focus. Traditional views of this being an art for the ladies can be dismissed (a personal view) as if I truly consider myself to be on the Odian path seeking knowledge nd self empowerment then I must investigate this further. Seið will be my next major study. Having also signed up for a workshop on psychic and spiritual development I eagerly wait to see how informative this will be or if it of jobs use to my development – October will tell!

Soon í will get to take my daughter to Treadwells – my favourite bookshop. It is of course an excuse to buy some more books!