I have changed the name of the blog…ravenoakspath is no more. Both the raven and the oak remain very, very special to me but I know now that the path is not simply leading towards an unknown destination. My destination is Ásgarð and I have changed the name accordingly. 

With my dedication to Odin and my goal to learn the mysteries of the world’s so that I may follow his example and act to improve my knowledge, power and control of the world around me then I can but hope to be allowed into Valhalla when I die and serve as a warrior of wisdom and magic.

I feel the call more than ever. The mysteries of the runes seem ever clearer to me. The lore seems to provide ever more answers to the mysteries of life and the universe.

The path is not the unknown that it was when I began the journey with open prayers and dreams of ravens and giant oak trees. I feel the draw of Ásgarð and the ultimate teacher of wisdom and knowledge.