Post-modern slavery

It has been said a million times before…we are all slaves.

Slaves to the government.

Slaves to the grind.

Slave to the system.

It’s a sad fact that unless I find an island somewhere, purchase it (or claim a new one which mystically emerges from the ocean within international territory) and found my own country- then there is no possible way for me to live life as a free man.

In a dream, I would love to live as a self-sustained family. Grow our own crops. Raise our own cattle. Gather materials from the land. Harvest rain for water. Generate our own electricity. Sell some goods to raise cash. Unfortunately, even if we were to be fully self-sufficient and take nothing from society- we would still be required to pay tax. In this modern world, especially in the westernised developed world, there is no way to live off-grid and be free from government.

I can see the downsides to this- I would find it hard to source new books and music and would surely miss my films. It would be a great loss, but the point is that I could not do it even if I wished to. If I won the lottery and purchased an island, set up a self-sustaining community (or a Heathen retreat…) and wished to have no link to government then I would fail. All of my lottery money would be taxed by the government as would the land I owned, the houses, any income we generated and any goods we traded with the main land would be taxed. In order to pay the tax I must have money and in order to have money I must trade goods or skills with the rest of society and then pay tax upon the money earned (which of course is tax upon the money being raised to pay tax…).

There is clearly a failing here. There is no such thing as a freeman.

“Can’t be king of the world,

If you’re slave to the grind!” (Skid Row)

As the world economy falters and spirals further into a recession/depression, I find myself unable to change my lifestyle. I want to earn less money, but have a better quality of life for my family and all I need to do is to work less…but the constraints of the economy at present dictate that I cannot simply afford to make this change. I want to move house, change career and get away from the rat race- but the value of my house keeps sinking lower and stopping me from selling up and moving on, the money I earn is comparatively less each month as inflation grabs a hold of everything and I see no way out.

Slaves…aren’t we all?


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