Learning the Elder Futhark

Someone asked me for advice on learning the Elder Futhark. That’s perhaps too big of a topic for this blog, but in terms of learning the order and structure of the aetts along with a basic interpretation of meaning- I devised the following to assist me:

The Futhark gifts glory,

Like hail needs an ice harvest, transcend the secret of the protective sun,

Justice shall be reborn, as the horse leads man to water, with fathers begin our ancestors.

It’s not perfect but the core meanings, order and aett structure is all there. I know there is debate over which comes first with dagaz and othala, but I keep the same order as Thorsson in his works. Some people dislike his work, but we must all seek that which works for us.

I hope that little stanza works for you.


3 thoughts on “Learning the Elder Futhark

    1. That’s how I started- but I needed something I could keep in mind rather than refer to my books during readings. It felt as if I could not break from looking things up in the books, then I was too reliant on them. I still have a library of texts on the runes and would always recommend a full course of study and meditation on the runic poems to fully understand the runes. This verse is purely a ‘quick look-up’ device.

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