The Asatru Community

A fellow blogger, decent person and true Heathen determined to promote us as a community has an invaluable blog:


The blog is a wealthy resource, especially for those new to the path or who have trouble accessing some of the more academic books. There is also a facebook group and community where people seem to maintain a civil environment when discussing topics.

Now Seth has a lofty goal- to create a formal, real community/organisation to help promote Heathenry worldwide and even provide a platform for Heathens to gather. Whilst I think there are some floors in the plan at this stage, I’m sure he will form the organisation- I only hope that as can happen with these groups, he maintains leadership of the group as we have seen elected councils of leadership oust the original founder previously and change the course of a group. Of course, being the figurehead of a group can also be tough and at just 18 years of age, Seth needs to maintain his mature and level head for all he’s worth. I think he can do it. I hope he can.

Some of the issues I think the group face are that I don’t see how they will differ from other organisations like the Troth. The Asatru Community (TAC) does not want to formally mandate rules and forms of worship etc, provide educational materials to assist community members and aim at the platform of a Heathen gathering(s) for people to meet. All of that is done by other groups- especially in the US where the AFA and Troth do a lot of work. The Troth also hold east and west coast Trothmoot gatherings as well as doing a lot of international work.

The International Asatru Summer Camp (IASC) has already began the global gathering every 3 years to allow time for attendees to plan and save. With 2015’s in Sweden and 2018 planned for Iceland and the opening of the Asatru temple there- TAC needs to look further ahead if it is to evolve beyond the confines of a very good, no- make that outstanding, internet group. I’d help Seth in anyway I can, but there is already a core of people who assist him and I’m not one for popularity contests, or votes etc., as I generally don’t believe in democracy (another post maybe later).

I know Seth reads my blog- I wish you all the best my friend. Your spirit is on fire with determination and we need more like you.

To all others- check out TAC on the link above or check out the community on Facebook. Maybe you can help Seth with the plans for the group. Maybe Seth can help you. Either way the clue is in the name of the group- Community. We don’t have to like everyone in our community, but sometimes we have to put aside minor differences to work towards a bigger goal.








2 thoughts on “The Asatru Community

  1. I was not aware of this post until this moment! Thank you very much for your kind words, and words of encouragement! Yes we do have a long road ahead of us! As to me reading your blog….well I honestly can say I do not. Not because I do not like it etc. but as I am sure you can tell I am very busy and do not have time to read others blogs, only rarely! But I thank you very much! You say you wish to help, but are not one for popularity! Well that does not matter! Please, contact me on fb or email @ I would love some more help! =P Once again, thank you!

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