Shaking the Tree…

Yesterday I attended a combined Heathen conference in London- Shaking the Tree, Stirring the Well.


With presentations from Kveldulfr and Melodi Gundarsson on Spae work and healing, Vincent Ongkowidjojo and Freya Aswynn on Runes and Odin- the event was very, very interesting.

Generally I don’t fully align with the view of Freya and Vincent on the Runes, but of course respect them as heathens all the same. My views on runology are more in line with Stephen Flowers/Edred Thorsson but that’s a different topic I will cover at a later date.

Kveldulfr is as entertaining and knowledgeable in person as he seems in books or interviews. The mans knowledge of all things norse and heathen is astounding. When it comes to magical practice, I put a little less reverence on his work- but that’s a personal thing and I do believe magic is a personal energy that has a unique form for each individual. What works for Kveldulfr doesn’t necessarily work for me as such.

Andre Henriques gave an interesting presentation theorising that it is possible to align various beings in the 9 worlds with the 4 cardinal directions, the 3 layers in which the worlds are commonly arranged etc. which has given me a lot of thought. I have asked him for more information as it seems to be an interesting field.






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