End of the world…as we know it

And so the Doomsday sayers got it wrong…the world did not end with the Mayan calendar, but we did cross into the age of Aquarius. What this will mean and the changes for the world will take time to see- Freedom, Technology and the water bearer? (Mother? Wife? Aegir? Ran?) are often mooted as the key aspects of this new age.


An interesting point is that Christianity is declining as we cross into this new age, having dominated the last. The prophecy of Nostradamus must be weighing large on the Catholic church as apparently they only have one more Pope to go before the fall of the church!


Anyway, I took the chance to go into the hills, do some sitting out and galdur and managed to grab some brilliant photo’s on my way down.


God Jul!


Gods and Goddesses

A quick mention- I’ve put the short reference form of the Gods/Goddesses up for visitors.

It’s only a summary- you must read more sources than this. As I’ve mentioned before, fellow bloggers are producing extremely deep sighted and valuable works in this field- mine is only intended as a quick reference list.

A local group….

After much delay, last night I actually met with a local Heathen group.

I admit to being nervous when meeting them. The nerves soon vanished I’m pleased to say as any fear of them not bring what they claimed soon was put aside. I’m pleased that they were a really nice, friendly and educated group that are non-judgmental.

One of the biggest bonuses for me is that they not simply know the lore- each and everyone of them lives their faith in their own ways. A variety of patron gods and goddesses are within the group which is nice to find. Weekly meetings focusing on education or blots with full interest in honouring the festivals.

An extra bonus is that two of the members actually are giving seminars at the Mercian Gathering 2013 event that I have been looking at going to- if the wife allows! As one of the members is giving a seminar on runes and galdr that are obviously something I work with closely then I think I will have to ensure that I’m there.

I can’t express what a relief it is to have found people to share and talk with when it comes to my religion. Travelling to London was looking like the only option.