Ragnarok and saving the environment

Ragnarok. The end of through world.

A common theme these times is that we should all be doing what we can to save the world- through campaigns to reduce energy use, recycle, limit hunting, ban chemical use, save animals from extinction and reduce emissions from cars.

Being a religion  with close ties to the spirits of the land- these actions are something we should of course partake in. However, I must stress that these actions are similar to repairing a fault on  20 year old car- the day will come when the car is dead and all you are doing euthanasia the repair is attempting to prolong that eventuality. Likewise, Ragnarok is coming and we can only delay it.

When Surt and fire consumes everything in this world, our actions to save trees etc will mean nothing. Our responsibility is to care for the world as much as we can but that should not stop hunting, energy use, fuel consumption etc- we should simply look to undertake all of these actions with care and use resources responsibly. Hunting is fine if you eat what you kill and make use of the carcass- hunting for sport is wasteful. Using fuel in your car is fine- driving a really inefficient car because you feel the need of a status symbol is not.

I have no problem with oil use, hunting and nuclear power etc. I do however work hard in order to contribute to the care of the world as much as I can- being responsible for massive energy reductions by my company and being behind the scheme that has seen 15000 trees planted in the UK in 2012 are huge efforts that I know are down to me. Whilst these are all good, they are of course worthless in the grand scheme of things, but the Vanir must surely appreciate it.

Leave  legacy of care and respect for the world. Win that fair fame for yourself.

Cattle die, kinsmen die,
I myself will die,
I know but one thing that will not-
That fair fame which a man may win.


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