As we head towards Yule, it’s time to introduce my daughter to the wonderful world of gingerbread! Some ginger here…some cinnamon there…my favourite time of the year!


Suddenly realised I had not got a single recipe for gingerbread in the house, only to find the one I was thinking of on the BBC website here


It breaks down to this:


  • 350g of plain flour
  • Bicarbonate of soda -1 tsp
  • ground ginger -2 tsp
  • ground cinnamon -1 tsp
  • butter 125g butter
  • light soft brown sugar -175g
  • 1 egg
  • golden syrup -4 tsp

-start by mixing the flour, soda, cinnamon and sugar together until they reach a breadcrumb consistency.

-beat the egg and syrup together, then add to the mix. Roll the dough into a ball and put in the fridge for 15 mins

-roll the dough out. Cut and decorate your little men!

-15 mins in the oven until lightly brown. Cool and serve!


Of course, I don’t actually weigh anything- rather go with what feels right.

I’ll post a pic if they turn out good!