London Olympics Closing Ceremony – a PAGAN ritual for Pant Lard and secular Heathens «Pagan Thoughts

London Olympics Closing Ceremony – a PAGAN ritual for Pant Lard and secular Heathens «Pagan Thoughts.


I had the same thoughts. For once, Britain openly accepts and acknowledges it’s spiritual and religious heritage.


Changes are ahead for the blog…

New theme…new approach.


For a while now I’ve had drafts of various sections/pages that I would like to put up here but have not had time. These will now be a key focus for me. I have previously mentioned blogs listing supernatural entities that I have been planning to do and a fellow blogger over at the Asatru Community is streets ahead here in writing about these things, but they clearly have a lot more time to do this as I currently struggle to even function as a micro-blog…


Either way, all of these will be done as part of the research I am running through in my study for a book I am writing at present.

I will also be listing some of my practices/knowledge to be taken as guidance only when it comes to the use of various magical practices.




Photos of Midgard

So, you may be aware that I am undertaking a project to photograph sites of Pagan interest within the UK as well as any site I feel is of sufficient awe and beauty that the landvaettir and wights are of such power that I deem the area worthy of inclusion in this project.

Well, I have now started posting every single picture from this project online- for sale. Yes, if there is something you would like as a mousemat (oh dear) or as a print on your wall- you can now purchase it via my photobox pro gallery: 

The link is permantly now within my photography section here on this blog- feel free to purchase as you wish, or not…

Heathen gathering


After a few years of essentially operating on a solitary basis, I’m off to a gathering of fellow Heathens for activities and talks in London this January- I can’t wait. It will be worth the cost as one of my favourite Heathen authors is in attendance and I have some questions that I would love to be able to put to him and his knowledge.


Add to that and I received a reply from local Heathen group to confirm they are still operating…but alas no reply when asking when their next meeting was…Urd;s Well Kindred if you’re out there please answer me…I need to come in from the cold…

Finally, I’m actually attending my local Pagan meet next weekend- who knows if there are any heathens there.





Changes are afoot

The web of wyrd for my family and I is in full flow and the pattern is changing.

This week we have made decisions and there have been clear signals that this is inline with our destiny that I have began the process of making this all happen. My guess is that it will happen in the next year.

I cant say too much but it will change the lives of my whole family.

Hail Urd!

Ragnarok and saving the environment

Ragnarok. The end of through world.

A common theme these times is that we should all be doing what we can to save the world- through campaigns to reduce energy use, recycle, limit hunting, ban chemical use, save animals from extinction and reduce emissions from cars.

Being a religion  with close ties to the spirits of the land- these actions are something we should of course partake in. However, I must stress that these actions are similar to repairing a fault on  20 year old car- the day will come when the car is dead and all you are doing euthanasia the repair is attempting to prolong that eventuality. Likewise, Ragnarok is coming and we can only delay it.

When Surt and fire consumes everything in this world, our actions to save trees etc will mean nothing. Our responsibility is to care for the world as much as we can but that should not stop hunting, energy use, fuel consumption etc- we should simply look to undertake all of these actions with care and use resources responsibly. Hunting is fine if you eat what you kill and make use of the carcass- hunting for sport is wasteful. Using fuel in your car is fine- driving a really inefficient car because you feel the need of a status symbol is not.

I have no problem with oil use, hunting and nuclear power etc. I do however work hard in order to contribute to the care of the world as much as I can- being responsible for massive energy reductions by my company and being behind the scheme that has seen 15000 trees planted in the UK in 2012 are huge efforts that I know are down to me. Whilst these are all good, they are of course worthless in the grand scheme of things, but the Vanir must surely appreciate it.

Leave  legacy of care and respect for the world. Win that fair fame for yourself.

Cattle die, kinsmen die,
I myself will die,
I know but one thing that will not-
That fair fame which a man may win.

Gingerbread men for Yule

As we head towards Yule, it’s time to introduce my daughter to the wonderful world of gingerbread! Some ginger here…some cinnamon there…my favourite time of the year!


Suddenly realised I had not got a single recipe for gingerbread in the house, only to find the one I was thinking of on the BBC website here


It breaks down to this:


  • 350g of plain flour
  • Bicarbonate of soda -1 tsp
  • ground ginger -2 tsp
  • ground cinnamon -1 tsp
  • butter 125g butter
  • light soft brown sugar -175g
  • 1 egg
  • golden syrup -4 tsp

-start by mixing the flour, soda, cinnamon and sugar together until they reach a breadcrumb consistency.

-beat the egg and syrup together, then add to the mix. Roll the dough into a ball and put in the fridge for 15 mins

-roll the dough out. Cut and decorate your little men!

-15 mins in the oven until lightly brown. Cool and serve!


Of course, I don’t actually weigh anything- rather go with what feels right.

I’ll post a pic if they turn out good!



1400-year-old vampire skeleton discovered in Britain

1400-year-old vampire skeleton discovered in Britain.


Interesting- this puts the skeleton within the Danelaw region of the times and would have had this done to it during the Saxon/Danish occupation.

Vampires are stereotypically Christian, but do occur in various other regions with varied religious beliefs as far apart as China and Mexico.

Can’t think of any lore or legend of Vampirism within our Heathen heritage though…mmm

Any suggestions as to what I’m missing?

Heathens and the Pagan Federation

LOL, I was just googling a band to see if they were openly Asatru and came across a Yahoo Answers! page where someone was asking about Wiccan or Asatru music. What made me laugh was somebody with a predictably ‘witch’ sounding name giving guidance suggesting Wiccan’s don’t openly make music about their beliefs and that they had never heard of Asatru.

Here lies the problem and one that made me revisit some thoughts on the Pagan Federation and Pagan representation on the whole.

Wiccan’s dominate the Pagan agenda, media and events. Now, Wicca is clearly the largest claimed Pagan belief system as most of its adherents are solitary and non-initiated followers who describe themselves as Wiccan (usually to much annoyance of initiated Wiccan’s in a BTW coven etc, but that’s another story…). Like any media, it reflects the views of the majority as does any group serving multiple faiths/sectors etc.

Don’t misunderstand me here I have nothing against Wiccan’s. Without a couple of well educated and open Wiccan’s, I would have taken much longer to find Asatru- as they listened to my beliefs and questions as to how to worship Odin and Frigg when Wiccan ritual did not feel right and pointed me in the direction of Asatru.


The Pagan Federation needs enhanced representation by someone of a Heathen/Asatru belief. Publications are dominated by worship of the Goddess, environmental and hunting campaigns etc. Whilst all of this is actually fine and interesting to me, I do find myself wondering where the representation of those members on Druid, Asatru, Celtic, Hellenic etc. paths is. Is it purely that these communities are small enough that they have no representative or is it the domination of Wiccan ideology through appeal to the masses?

How can we change this?

Firstly, I’m actually going to contact the Pagan Federation and offer up some articles for their quarterly publication I actually believe that the lack of forwardness from us in this respect is the reason we are under-represented in Pagan media. Wiccan’s dominate through their numbers not through any aggressive agenda.

Secondly, I’m going to push a bit more for non-Wiccan ritual and the observance of other Pagan festivals within my local Pagan group which will be interesting to see how that goes.

If only all Heathen/Asatru were open to being honest in public about their beliefs. I was nervous about telling friends and co-workers, but my opening up was a massive relief. Most have no urge to question my tattoo’s or my pendants and those that do so seem genuinely accepting of what I tell them. I’m fairly sure that a number of bands who sing very detailed songs around the lore may actually be Asatru- yet declare themselves Atheist and I suspect it may be on the advice of record companies to deflect potential for mis-association with some of the less desirable elements…say no more…

I’ve got a few more ideas for the positive promotion of Asatru awareness. I don’t want to openly seek to convert anyone just for people to be aware of our religion so that nobody, especially a fellow pagan, says ‘I have no idea what Asatru is’. That hurt.




Still walking the path…

It’s been a while since I last posted- so I just thought I’d give you a quick update.

I’m still ‘walking the path’ and can see various steads on the horizon where I may feel welcome and find people I may call my kindred. Not only do I find myself feeling more and more at home in the groups of the ‘Kith of Yggdraasil’ and ‘the Troth’, but I have once more made contact with a local liberal heathen group- ‘the Urd’s Well Kindred’ with whom I’m seeking an audience.

I have many other projects I’m working on and some thoughts to post- so look out for more!