Differences are ok….

I’m constantly frustrated by the ability of some to accept that people have different beliefs- I’m referring to issues within the heathen community here.

Our ancestors were tribal and went to war- against other tribes! Every Swedish tribe did not have peace with all others and only go to war on the Danes. Further more- not every tribe worshipped the same gods as we know from place names and what survives of temples etc. Some favoured Odin whilst some worshipped Tyr, Thor or Freyr.

Why then can we not accept that there are going to be tribes that are folkish, racist or liberal and that not only do we have to accept that they exist, but we must also accept that just because they worship the same pantheon as us that we do not have to get along?

If I support the same sports team as you, it doesn’t mean we can be best  friends. That’s like saying everyone in a country that votes the same should also therefore have enough in common ground to be friends. Life doesn’t work like that.

Religion and ethical beliefs are linked but are not the same. It is never fair to assume everyone of the same religion shares the same political or scio-ethical views. The pope does not represent all Christians, all Muslims are not terrorists and all Jews are not bankers. All Asatru are not warriors, racists, liberals or viking re-enactment fans.

We would do well to remember this within our groups of heathens as
it will serve us well when stressing this to the non-heathen world. A difference does not mean someone is wrong, just as we do not all have to agree on everything. Differences do not stop friendships and friendships do not mean there are not differences.


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