Mead jug

My in-laws purchased one of the greatest gifts I have ever received for my recent birthday…a cow horn mead jug:


A full pint of ale, mead etc can be held in this cow horn jug (with only a passing odour as to be expected when drinking from the inside of such a natural object) sourced from the online store- Jelling Dragon which can be found at :– a retailer I have found many, many fantastic items from over the last few years. My wife also purchased me a solid silver spearhead necklace from the site- it is based on a Finnish spear design and represents my dedication to Odin. It hangs nicely below the silver Mjölnir necklace which was also purchased from the site. The hammer is of course symbolic of my beliefs to aid identification for those in the know, but also to ask Thor to protect me from harmful Etins where needed.


The horn has already been used in blöt to celebrate the Winternights and will now serve as my drinking vessel for all rituals and more.

Still, my in-laws have yet to ask me what it is for or what my beliefs are- maybe they are afraid to know?Mmmmm



One thought on “Mead jug

  1. If it you can still smell a bit of cow in there, fill it up with Guinness or some other stout or dark ale and leave it overnight and then tip away and rinse. Usually does the trick.

    If you think it needs a good clean use denture cleaning tablets as they won’t damage it. Don’t use very hot water or leave it in hot or warm water. It is made of keratin and will go soft and possibly warp.

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